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Business in the Community
137 Shepherdess Walk
N1 7RQ 
T: 020 7566 8650
F: 020 7253 1877

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Contact Details For The Team

Image of Jenny Lincoln Opportunity Now campaign officer Age Research and
 Policy Manager
T: 020 7566 6635
Chloe ChambraudChloe Chambraud  Gender Equality Director  T: 020 7566 8654

Sandra Kerr,OBE

 Race Equality Director
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T: 020 7566 8707
Image of Gloria Wyse  Gloria Wyse Race Research and Policy Manager M: 07725 638 016

Louise Aston


Wellbeing Director 
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T: 020 7566 6641

Image of Danielle Wolman - Age and Wellbeing Co- Ordinator
Wellbeing Research
 and Policy Officer
T: 020 7566 6641
M: 07793 443890

Stephanie Schreiber, Wellbeing Campaign Manager Stephanie Schreiber 
Wellbeing Adviser
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T: 020 7566 6651
M: 07739 707956

The following team members work across the Business in the Community age, gender and race equality and wellbeing campaigns.

Ann- Marie Lawrence

Executive Assistant/ PA
T: 020 7566 8707




Thomas Colquhoun-Alberts

Image of Thomas Colquhoun-Alberts - Knowledge Manager


Benchmarking and
Knowledge Manager 

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T: 020 7566 6621

Ruth Yohannes

Benchmarking Officer 
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T: 020 7566 8704
M: 07722 351553

Meet our Diversity Advisers working on the
Business in the Community gender and race equality campaigns and our wellbeing campaign