Are You an Inclusive Leader?

Our animation is a great introduction to what an inclusive leader is and how you can be one – take a look !

Blog by Helen Wells, Director Opportunity Now.

Often, when I’m meeting with employers or attending events, I’m asked how those organisations who have effective structural solutions in place when it comes to women at work (by which I mean good flexible working, successfully tackled maternity return rates and confidence that the pay system is fair) can take the next step to transform their organisations to embed gender equality. As part of the answer to that question, Opportunity Now, working with Shapiro Consulting, published research into Inclusive Leadership.

Leaders and managers who are truly inclusive will develop and promote women and men from a range of backgrounds, because they recognise the value that a diverse workforce brings. Inclusive leadership is a leadership style that embraces, encourages and taps into the creativity and ideas which come about in non-homogenous groups. These leaders are the key to creating a workplace culture in which women and men can thrive. We found that there are currently very few inclusive leaders. 66% of the respondents to our survey reported that less than half of the leaders and managers in their organisation are inclusive leaders. Those that do exist are pioneers, and they told us that they had learnt to be inclusive through experience, be it working aboard or seeing the challenges women in their family faced at work.

Opportunity Now is determined to change this, and the recommendations in the research are there to support leaders and organisations in creating more inclusive leaders.

Recommended Actions:

View the Inclusive Leader research  (members only) 
Answer our 10 assessment questions to find out if you are an inclusive leader. 

*Thanks to our friends at Scriberia for developing the Inclusive Leader  animation for Opportunity Now.