Ministry of Defence Police achieve gold standard in Diversity Benchmark

The Ministry of Defence Police has been awarded a Gold banding for both gender and race in the Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark, the UK’s most comprehensive benchmark for workplace gender and race diversity. Organisations are assessed on a range of key areas, including career progression, recruitment, supplier diversity, and senior management and board representation of ethnic minorities and women.

“Congratulations to Ministry of Defence Police on being awarded Gold for both gender and race diversity in the workplace in the Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark. They have demonstrated a strong commitment to creating inclusive workplaces where employees are valued and rewarded for their contribution to the organisation, regardless of gender or race. I hope other employers will learn from their example and use it to drive real change within their own organisations.”

The Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark measures age, gender and race workplace diversity. It is a management tool to help organisations evaluate their performance, including peer comparisons, and inform evidence-based decision-making around workplace diversity. It is open to all employers who can benchmark at their convenience. The continuous benchmarking service allows participants to participant when best suits their internal processes, resource capacities and reporting cycles.

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