Diversity & Inclusion

Supported by Eversheds Sutherland this invitation only dinner will share further results of the Mental Health at Work survey and recommendations for business, before opening up the conversation for a round table discussion under Chatham House rules.
This toolkit provides guidance, advice and best practice on how to equalise the earnings and positions of women and men in your organisation and close your gender pay gap.
You’ve calculated your gender pay gap, now you can explore the data in more detail. Why, in 2019, do women earn on average less than men and what’s driving your gender pay gap?
Learn more about how to measure and report your gender pay gap
Best Employers for Race 2018 Survey opened for entries
Barclays has brought greater diversity to their workforce, gained insight into their older customer base, and created new opportunities for older workers through apprenticeships, flexible working, role models and digital skills champions.