Diversity & Inclusion

How to write a transparent narrative - support and advice on the best way to communicate your gender pay gap.
Best Employers for Race 2018 Survey opened for entries
Barclays has brought greater diversity to their workforce, gained insight into their older customer base, and created new opportunities for older workers through apprenticeships, flexible working, role models and digital skills champions.
Project 28-40 seeks to identify the hidden tensions within workplace cultures that are preventing the creation of more gender-balanced workforces. In the 21st century, the ‘male breadwinner’ workplace model of full-time, long hours and no external commitments has to change.
Since publishing the Project 28-40 report in April 2014, Opportunity Now has conducted further research into the experiences of women of all ages in different sectors. These papers set out the findings from our analysis of Project 28-40’s sector data, validated by qualitative data from focus groups with women in each sector . Each of the papers should be read in conjunction with the original report.
We hope these papers will further enable you to take action, recognising the unique challenges of your sector.