Advancing Women in the Workplace

Twenty years ago, in 1991, a campaign to advance women in the workplace was born. It was called Opportunity 2000. Two decades on,as Opportunity Now, we continue to support and challenge employers as they seek to become more diverse and more inclusive.We firmly believe that the commercial imperative of our work has never been greater and the need for truly inclusive workplaces has never been stronger. Opportunity Now empowers employers to accelerate change for women in the workplace. We work with our membership of employers, from the private, public and education sectors to offer tailored, practical and pragmatic advice on workplace issues. Currently working with nearly 300 employers we build and communicate the business case for diversity and inclusion, share and inspire best practice, and give employers the tools to drive change. Opportunity Now is part of Business in the Community, a registered charity which stands for responsible business. Opportunity Now has always argued that achieving gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not just the right thing to do, but also a business imperative. Opportunity Now’s approach to advancing women in the workplace is based upon the change model of motivate, act, impact. This underpins all our research, best practice, benchmarking and recommendations.

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary we produced the following document that charts the successes exerienced over the years and  compares the workplace way back then and now. 



The informative document to revisit the past 20 years and learn how Opportunity Now is working to change the future.