The Best Employers for Race 2017

This year, 2017, Business in the Community is running the UK’s first ever Best Employers for Race listing.

This listing will identify the best employers in the UK for race diversity and equality. Participation in the list is one of the recommendations made by Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith in her Race in the Workplace report, a call to all UK employers as a means of encouraging faster movement towards truly inclusive workplaces where race diversity is ‘business as usual’, and opportunities for recruitment and progression can be equally accessed by ethnic minorities.
Fundamental change is the only way to create lasting impact and remove persistent barriers to ethnic minority recruitment and progression. The Best Employers for Race list will acknowledge those employers that are taking a comprehensive and strategic approach to tackling racial inequalities in their organisations.  

*Only the organisations identified as Best Employers for Race will be eligible to be considered for a Business in the Community Race Equality Award.

The entry process of 2017 is now closed.
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