Awards and benchmarking at the Business in the Community workplace campaigns.

Our Awards 
Our Awards celebrate the achievements of organisations that are committed to creating workplaces that work for all employees, regardless of age, gender and race or physical and mental wellbeing.  

Through our Awards we recognise outstanding practice, innovation and dedication towards these issues, and enable us to share examples of best practice that inspire all employers to take action.  

Best 100 Employers for Race Listing 2017
In 2017 we are delighted to be piloting the new Best 100 Employers for Race Listing.  Participation in this listing is one of the recommendations of the McGregor - Smith Review published in February 
2016.  Free to enter and open to all UK employers the entry process will be integrated with the Business in the Community Race Awards 2017. 

The Times Top 50 Employers for Women
In addition, we manage The Times Top 50 Employers for Women list. This is the seventh year in partnership with The Times, whereby Business in the Community manages the entry process of this influential list which is published annually by The Times. 

If you have programmes and initiatives that you are proud of, consider entering one of our Award categories or programmes:  

Our Benchmark
The Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark measures age, gender and race workplace diversity. The benchmark is a management tool to help organisations evaluate their performance, including peer comparisons, and inform evidence-based decision-making around workplace diversity. 

Participants benefit from: bespoke feedback and recommendations that support with practical steps for improving performance; identification of strengths and weaknesses by peer comparison; and a confidential score and banding (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) that reflect performance.

The Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark is available from September 2016
We offer a continuous benchmarking service. There is no submission deadline. Instead, participants have the flexibility to benchmark whenever best suits their internal processes, resource capacities and reporting cycles.  This process gives participants the best of both worlds – the flexibility to complete the benchmark when it suits them, and ongoing access to the most current version of their peer group benchmark data.

The benchmark helped us think across race and gender diversity and inclusion in a way we had not done previously. A review of our talent review process and development offer as well as a deep dive into our organisational culture are some of the areas of learning from the benchmarking exercise. We welcome the challenge BITC has set on helping organisations like ours keep ahead of best practice.

- Ravi Chand,
Home Office

Our Benchmark Analysis:
Through analysis of benchmarking submissions, we have unparalleled access to an invaluable combination of data that enables us to identify and understand which interventions actually work. 

We are able to draw correlations between actions organisations have taken and the key outcomes that are positively impacting equality and diversity performance. 

 Find out our Top Ten performing public and private sector organisations for gender and race: